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We are a Translation service that is built on speed, accuracy and collaboration. From official translations to public and certified translations our focus is keeping your business moving. 


Translations and more.

Founded in 1998, we are a translation company with offices in Madrid, Lanzarote, Malaga and London, specialized in both simple and sworn translation of documents in the direct and inverse combinations of the main European languages, as well as other languages. Every day more vigorous and requested, such as Japanese, Arabic, Russian or Chinese.


At traductor juradoo we have a Team of more than 150 people who offer businesses and individuals our sworn translation service into any language for all types of documents carried out by translators legally recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Document Translations

We have a team of professional Sworn Translators to carry all types of official translations.

Legal Translations

A key specialisation is legal translations. Our friendly expert team have specialist training in legal terms.

Financial Translations

We are experts in business texts and have a translation team that specifically deal with numbers and transactions.

Engineering Translations

Our highly skilled and trusted team already translate for the leading engineering companies across Europe.

Texts Translations

From specialised texts to advertising text we provide comprehensive rapid translation services.

Technical Translations

Our technical team have a a high level of knowledge across multiple subjects and have leading technical skill.

Website Translations

Here at Traductor Juradoo we have multiple specialists that translate website content, pages, blogs, newsletters and more.

E-commerce Translations

E-commerce is a specialist subject that we have a dedicated team to carry out all translation requirements.

Tourist Translation

Tourist translations are technical and require understanding of the original meaning without error.

More Translation Services

In addition, we offer important complementary services, such as document review, as well as their format.


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Speak to one of our team immediately and find out how we can help you with a solution rapidly.

Our Vision.

We are born with a clear vocation for customer service, with competitive prices and a great care for the translations and revisions that we carry out, because we know that the individual or company that requests our services demands maximum quality at the lowest cost. The result of this is the long-term relationship we have with our clients, who appreciate and value our work.




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